Welcome To eMed Education

Challenges have a way of focusing attention on unmet needs and often result in CHANGE. And that change can result in a new and unique avenue to address the necessary and vital needs of the day and most importantly, the future.

Thus, the creation of eMedEd for independent medical education!

eMedEd specializes in designing and implementing highly interactive accredited CME/CE and patient education activities developing and utilizing a variety of proven formats across a wide range of therapeutic areas through joint-providerships and collaborations with ACCME-accredited organizations, educational partners, and academic institutions. We will also craft alliances with other stakeholders, such as technology organizations and patient advocacy groups.

What We Do

Our goal is to provide scientifically rigorous and relevant medical educational opportunities to support healthcare providers to improve and expand their clinical competence, confidence, and performance in providing quality healthcare. The innovative educational activities produced are designed to target specialists, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, and all other healthcare professionals.

eMedEd is a full-service, independent, non-accredited medical education company that emphasizes compliance, interactivity, rigorous scientific design, applications, advancing clinical care, and improved patient health outcomes through the delivery of evidence-based educational activities and clinically relevant content. When combined with the “precise selected delivery format,” eMedEd can facilitate learner-focused education with significant measurable outcomes.