Differentiators or Differentiation

eMedEd is dedicated to continuously seeking out the highest quality and credible alliances and incorporating the most innovative and advanced technology in its educational initiatives to accomplish the most appropriate outcomes measurements. Therefore, the key differentiators are the quality and credibility of our accrediting partners and collaborators, as well as the innovative and technological advanced nature of our educational interventions, in the following manner:

  • Strong Collaborations and “Best-of-breed” partnerships
  • Independent and Scientifically Rigorous Education
  • Unconventional Case-Based Formats
  • Highly immersive and interactive learning experiences
  • Large Scale Educational Initiatives
  • Recognizing and Instituting Strategies to Overcome Physicians’ Barriers to Change

eMedEd seeks to enhance and develop synergistic collaborative relationships, based on significant distinctions in how our model of medical education helps improve the clinical competencies and practice skills that ultimately deliver improved patient care and outcomes.

The eMedEd approach adds differentiation through:

  • Performance Gaps: Ascertained through the weight of evidence, guidelines, best practices, and standards…
  • Root Cause Analyses: Determined by reasons uncovered for performance gaps, interviews, and educational needs…
  • Learning Objectives: Developed based on and that which addresses the root cause of the gap.

Beyond the above key elements, eMedEd distinction is also attributed to the following:

  • Accurate and practical environments or settings
  • Developed with input and oversight of leading experts
  • Application oriented
  • Rich in video, photography, medical institutions and animations, as needed
  • Incorporates best practices, protocols, and guidelines
  • Frank representation of patient treatment and management
  • Outcomes Measurements
    • Sophisticated modeling both qualitatively and quantitatively
    • When possible, decisions made by learners are tracked in real-time