How We Do It

All of our initiatives include working with an independent and respected academic, society, community health system or medical organizational partner. This helps to ensure a high level of quality and credibility by forming a “best-of-breed” collaboration to facilitate flawless activity execution.

Through engagement via interactivity tied to adult learning methodologies, eMedEd offers a variety of certified CME/CE activities designed to educate, stimulate, and captivate healthcare professionals. eMedEd produces high quality, scientific independent medical education, once distilled, that translates the recent research into clinically relevant information then leverages this into program credibility and quality through its exceptional global relationships.

Activity Formats

eMedEd carefully and painstakingly selects both the communications and the vehicle(s) or method(s) as vital elements to implement success by design, so by applying the “right” learning format(s), we can obtain the improved outcomes being pursued and sought. Additionally, the audience and venue are taken into consideration, allowing for our activities to be carefully crafted to meet the needs of our learners, and then the activities are flawlessly executed:

Satellite Symposia Web-based Roundtables
Regional Workshops Online Programming
Key Conferences Live Webcasts
Specialized Activities Online and Live Patient Cases
Dinner Meetings Conference Coverages

The challenges of assimilating the abundant amount of information stemming from clinical trials, empirical evidence, and guidelines can be daunting, especially in light of the critical demands on the learner’s time. eMedEd focuses on and develops activities to meet specific educational and practice needs of both the specialists and primary care healthcare professionals.

Gaming in Medical Education:

Through our technology partners, eMedEd will offer unique and innovative educational activities which will be in a gaming-style format and through their technology and platforms, our goal will be to execute the games in a manner that transports the learner and the activity content into life situations, thereby increasing the learner’s engagement and enhance retention.

Patient Education:

eMedEd will collaborate with the appropriate advocacy group to implement a customized first-person perspective of the daily realities of individual medical conditions and showcase by presenting patients and their care-givers with day-to-day existing situations in order to become more familiar with the disease and what may be involved. The patients and/or care-givers are given critical decision points in this process, the pros and cons are presented, which allow patients to weigh the consequences of the decisions they may make along the way. eMedEd also provides a clinician to offer insight and guidance to assist the patients and care-givers to better manage the medical condition and become familiar with tools and resources that are available.