About Us

Mission Statement:

eMedEducation’s mission is to provide and deliver, impactful, relevant, and scientific rigorous continuing education activities through collaborative efforts by partnering with professional organizations/societies, and medical institutions; offering and leveraging educational programming experiences and expertise in translating research into practice which will ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Vision Statement:

The company’s vision is to develop and deliver the highest quality, most detailed, in-depth, and fair-balanced content from multiple evidenced-based sources while under extensive guidance and scrutiny from leading academic leaders, medical staff, and thought leaders, related to the “best in class” collaborations, in order to provide scientifically rigorous and relevant medical education opportunities for healthcare providers so they may improve and expand their clinical competence, confidence, and performance in providing quality healthcare to improve patient outcomes and care; and it will all be based on a foundation from a comprehensive gap analysis and needs assessment that identifies true educational gaps and barriers.